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Nearing retirement

Whether retirement is a few months—or a few years—away, taking time today could help ensure you’re ready for tomorrow.

Below you'll find information that may be useful to you, depending on where you stand on your road to retirement. It's organized in collapsible drawers, for easy reference.

Retirement Strategies

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  • Pre-Retirement

How much retirement income might you need?

Only you can decide. Keep in mind, with life expectancy in the United States at a record high*Footnote: “Life expectancy in the USA hits a record high,” Larry Copeland, USA Today, October 9, 2014. End footnote, you may want to create an income stream that will last 30 years or more.

  1. How long can you delay taking Social Security?

    The earlier you begin, the less you lock in. The Annuity and your pension may be a financial bridge that could help you delay collecting Social Security.

  2. How high will your healthcare expenses be?

    They are likely to increase with time, possibly rising faster than inflation**Footnote: “U.S. Health Care Costs Rise Faster Than Inflation,” Mike Patton, Forbes, Print June 29, 2015; Web August 30, 2017. End footnote. And Medicare will only cover some of your expenses. To pay for co-payments, co-insurance, dental coverage or ancillary items like eyewear or hearing aids, plan ahead.

  3. What will your “must-have” and “nice-to-have” expenses be?

    Give careful thought when estimating how much you’ll need for items like food, housing, entertainment and travel.

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